How to Invest & Trade Cryptocurrency (+automatically): Quant Trading!

21.01.2020, 15:10


It sounds ideal, and maybe it is. No more watching the charts night and day, no worries about missing out on growth opportunities. Not only are you investing in the cryptocurrency market, but you’re trading it too, without trusting someone else and, in fact, without doing anything. 


Welcome to a technique that has gained a lot of attention in the hedge fund world (and created some lucrative programming careers). What is it? It’s called Quantitative Trading. You can now just put some money into a quant trading service and put faith in pure mathematics and cold, unemotional trading algorithms to hold the right formula to trade effectively, according to pre-set patterns. It will pick a variety of leading cryptocurrencies on your behalf and move in and out of a stablecoin when downturns are expected. You can also select a strategy of performance: more risky, balanced or conservative growth. 


Obviously using quant trading should ideally form part of a wider participation into the promise of cryptocurrency. You should also perhaps ‘hodl’ some bitcoin long-term in a secure, offline wallet (that only you own completely.) You could store some in a third-party, interest-generating storage provider like, or could keep certain cryptocurrencies in mobile app wallets, ‘staking’ them on the network for passive income gains. 


Another option is to invest in mining, or in network nodes or in a third-party ‘cloud mining’ service to increase cryptocurrency at a steady pace no matter what the market is doing. 


However, in times of volatility trading is still the most alluring prospect for money-growers. But many investors in cryptocurrency do not like to keep any money in the market for very long. They will try and ‘swing trade’ the movement of the market as a whole, which could leave them high and dry when a news story breaks, or when a parabolic bull run like that seen in 2017 returns. There only needs to be a fresh trigger like that of some U.S state embracing Bitcoin, new regulation or a European country embracing Bitcoin. This isn’t to say that quant trading can react to these events, but you still have the option to withdraw your holdings swiftly and easily from the service at any whim. There is always risk involved, but human emotion is arguably the more risky.


[Disclaimer: However, this article too is just personal opinion and not professional financial advice. Always do your own research.]


So, what automated Quant Trading services are available? Is it just for ‘accredited investors’ and techie types tinkering with their own trading bots? Well, actually: no. One service is already ‘democratising’ the service with only $20 minimum. This can be found at, via a mobile app which does many other useful things. It’s also a wallet, an exchange, has a top-up payment card, and offers loans. It also has a price tracker for alerts but, if you use the quant trading service, of course, you won’t need this last feature! 


[You can use this sign-up link to get a sign-up bonus!]


How to get set up


The following is a promotion of the ecosystem, which places an exciting realm of crypto-friendly capabilities in your hand. It has two tokens of its own, MCO and CRO, and you’ll need to stake some of MCO in order to start investing. Since all the tokens are purchasable via the app, you never really need to leave it, as it has its own exchange. 


Even if you never use the quant trading service, the mobile app is well worth considering for all the other features. It’s designed to make life easy for cryptocurrency investors. You can download this for Apple or Android.


[Note: the Quant Trading service is not yet available in the US. However, the app is still recommended and this may come in the future.]


Once you’re registered at, you will need to submit a quick ID verification. You can then choose to fund either a fiat or crypto wallet. When you have some funds showing, then you’re ready to enter the Invest section. Most of the details of the quant trading service are on the site, along with all the performance charts. What are the fees? Well, there are no entry, exit or management fees. The only fee is 9% of any profits (if you’re staking MCO tokens) or 18% (without any MCO staked in your wallet).


Then you can sit back and take a worthy break from the market. Also, you can spend more time here at, where you can earn free Ethereum to transfer to your new, all-in-one crypto app! Stay tuned for more ideas about how to grow your money with the latest tools. 



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